Developer waiting on go ahead

18:52, Jun 19 2014

Building is unlikely to start in the proposed subdivision on the north side of Blenheim until late next year, the developer says.

The Marlborough District Council approved plan changes earlier this month that could see housing subdivisions built to the north of Springlands, off Old Renwick Rd.

The area expected to be developed first is largely owned by the Deluxe Group. It also owns the Marlborough Ridge development near Fairhall and developed the Covent Garden and Notting Hills subdivisions in Springlands.

Company spokesman Greg Smith said the plan changes were still subject to appeal until July 18. Anyone who had made submissions on the plan changes when they were first proposed could challenge the council's decision.

"I can't say too much until the appeal process has been and gone."

However, even if there were no appeals, Smith said there was more to the process that had to be worked through.


First was the council process. If the plan change was not appealed, it needed to be approved by the council and then publicly notified.

It becomes operative five working days after that.

The council would then need to consider water upgrades in the area and draw up draft roading plans on the land, which is farmland.

The council would need to upgrade Old Renwick Rd before the company could start any development, Smith said.

"From our perspective, we're very much reliant on council services."

Development wouldn't be until some time next year, all going well, he said.

"Even if all the boxes are ticked, I can't say that we would start turning any dirt till next year, just because of the process to go through."

While the development would be of a similar standard to Notting Hill, with a mixture of section and house sizes, Smith said it would be laid out differently. "Notting Hill was one road in and a lot of cul de sacs. The new one will have very few cul de sacs."

Roads in the new subdivision would have to connect properly to the existing roads, and there was no subdivision plan yet.

"Once all the council boxes are ticked, we'd sit down with them and look at where requirements are for connectivity and then work with those issues of roading systems and stuff."

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