Mail helps keep track of voters

22:06, Jun 22 2014
Andy Joseph
ON A ROLL: Kaikoura electorate Registrar of Electors Marie Elliot and NZ Post Blenheim manager Grant Sinclair with the crate of mail to go out today.

More than 20,000 letters to potential voters in September's general election are stacked up in the Blenheim post office's mailroom to go out today.

Kaikoura electorate registrar of electors Marie Elliott said the mailout to people living in Blenheim and Picton was part of the start of the update campaign to the electoral rolls in preparation for the election on September 20.

If people got a letter, they were on the roll.

But Elliott said people needed to check their details were still correct. "People move, they change occupations, they marry, unmarry, they change their details."

If they did not get a letter with their enrolment update pack by June 27, they were not on the roll, she said.

People would need to complete a new enrolment form. This could be done online at, by texting their name and address to 3676, by calling 0800 36 76 56, or by visiting any PostShop. Information was also available on


Elliott said several cartons of letters a day would come back to her office over the next three weeks as returned mail.

"New Zealand is a nation of gypsies. I'm absolutely gobsmacked at how many people move. Some people are in the same houses for 30 years, and a pocket of people are incredibly transient. Then you get families who do a move for job reasons, Christchurch reasons, those kinds of things."

Those families were usually captured through the mail redirection which updated their details.

It is a legal requirement to be registered to vote, but you are not required to vote.

Enrolment services national manager Murray Wicks said the update was one of the biggest mailouts there would be this year. "Over 3 million enrolled voters are being sent an enrolment pack this week . . . being correctly enrolled is critical to being able to vote in the general election, so check your mailbox this week for your pack."

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