Slow down: Speeding cars put roadworkers at risk

21:33, Jun 25 2014
 Mike Davidson
DANGER ZONE: Fulton Hogan traffic management supervisor Mike Davidson is urging drivers to slow down on Blenheim’s Middle Renwick Rd.

Construction workers upgrading one of Blenheim's busiest roads are concerned about speeding drivers.

Fulton Hogan traffic management supervisor Mike Davidson said motorists were not respecting the speed limit on Middle Renwick Rd, and construction workers wanted "to go home the same as [they] arrived".

The company began work on a $1.3 million project on the road earlier this month, with up to 15 construction staff working on the road at a time, Davidson said.

Roundabouts are being constructed on the Boyce St and Battys Rd intersections, and the speed limit has been lowered from 50kmh to 30kmh for safety reasons.

"The reason there are [speed] restrictions is that the site is changing daily," Davidson said.

Public safety was a problem with more than 10,000 people driving through the busy Boyce St intersection each day, and pedestrians in the area also at risk, he said.


Marlborough Girls' College, Bohally Intermediate and Springlands Primary School are all close by.

Davidson urged people to follow the speed restrictions.

"This is our office out here."

Blenheim driving instructor Mike McCann said he frequently saw people speeding through the construction site, and it set a bad example for his students.

"It's dangerous. What's the point in having a 30kmh zone if people are going to go 50?"

McCann was disgusted by the lack of regard for safety.

Marlborough Road Safety Council secretary Geoff Powell agreed that speeds in Middle Renwick Rd were excessive and risky.

Marlborough Roads manager Frank Porter said restricting the speed limit was always a balance between safety and allowing the public access to the roads, and it was not done lightly.

"If we set the speed limit, then it really is only safe [to comply with it]."