Rashes raise concerns in Seddon

23:36, Jun 29 2014

Tests show the Seddon water supply is not causing health problems, says Nelson Marlborough medical officer of health Ed Kiddle.

Kaikoura election candidate Janette Walker said residents had raised concerns they were developing chronic rash conditions and gastrointestinal problems.

The rashes resolved when the residents bathed out of the district, she said.

Further testing by the Marlborough District Council confirmed chlorine levels within the council water supply were within correct limits and well below those found in swimming pools.

Kiddle said the levels or presence of metals were well below the maximum acceptable values for drinking water. "The Seddon water supply has a treatment system that chlorinates the water to destroy bacteria that can be harmful to health," Kiddle said.

"This works well except after heavy rain that increases the turbidity (cloudiness), making the chlorine less effective. Also chlorine does not destroy protozoa such as Giardia that may get into the water."

Boiling water before consumption was recommended, Kiddle said. Monitoring is continuing.

Seddon's drinking water was a focus of 15 submissions in the district Marlborough District Council's draft Annual Plan, with people saying money should not be spent on a new library while communities did not have safe drinking water.

The council was considering trialling filter systems.


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