Thieves take donated bikes

02:47, Jun 30 2014

Bikes donated by people in Marlborough and tidied up as part of a Seddon community initiative have been stolen, police say.

The door of a shed behind the hub building in the Seddon Domain was kicked in between Monday and Thursday last week.

Constable Andrew Holdaway, of Blenheim, said along with the stolen bikes, thieves made off with bicycle repair tools, socket sets, and cycle helmets. The number of bikes stolen had not yet been calculated, he said.

The Yellow Bikes Community Bike Sharing, run by Actively Ageing, was established in 2011. Volunteers collected pre-loved bikes from around Marlborough, tidied them up, and made them available to the community.

In other police news, a resealable plastic bag full of cannabis was found outside a Blenheim business, police say. Constable Andrew Holdaway, of Blenheim, said the bag, full of leafy cannabis, was found outside a business on Main St on Thursday.

The business owner found the bag on the street near the entrance to the building and called police, who came and retrieved the cannabis. It was to be destroyed, Holdaway said.


The Marlborough Express