Zombies mull admitting new blood

21:04, Jul 02 2014
SCARED OF THE DARK?: Blenheim man Phil McKinnon during the shooting of Outer Darkness during the weekend.

An injured survivor in a city of bloodthirsty zombies finds a hideout . . . is it safe to break the rules and let him in?

This is the premise of Blenheim film-maker Aaron Falvey's new short film, Outer Darkness.

"The characters make a rash decision," Falvey said.

Falvey, the founder of Falvation Films, made the gory movie for the launch of a new zombie film app being developed in the United States.

Outer Darkness is the first film made for the app outside the US.

The movie is five minutes long and took nearly 12 hours to shoot.


It involved 50 people from Marlborough and Nelson, and plenty of makeup and prosthetics.

Falvey said the film "captures a moment in time" as it was difficult to have much of a back-story.

Makeup artists Shane and Chloe Sutherland, a father and daughter, made a huge contribution to the film, Falvey said. "They're self-taught, very gifted, talented."

They both collaborated with Falvey on another zombie film, Bloodless, last year. 

Falvey said that although he had worked on horror films before, he did not want to be constricted to one genre.

"I like to do a variety of work," Falvey said. "Up until two weeks ago I thought I wouldn't do another zombie film, then I found out about the app."

Falvey, a video producer for the Ministry of Defence, has been making films since he was nine or 10.

His parents bought a handycam, which fascinated him. "Since then I've been hooked."

Falvey said he had a passion for every aspect of film-making.

"The coolest thing is when someone else engages with the film. I get a lot of motivation from other people's feedback, even if it's bad feedback. Sometimes I prefer bad feedback," he said. "I learn from it."

He has made short films and is looking to branch out into feature-length productions.

He had always backed his own movies but hoped to secure corporate funding for his future projects, which would enable him to do much more.

Another challenge was organising so many people to be at the same place at the same time.

He has a "three-year goal" of making his own feature film, likely to be an action-packed thriller.

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