Stalker admits harassing ex-partner

23:23, Jun 30 2014

A 44-year-old man appeared in the Blenheim District Court yesterday, where he admitted a charge of criminal harassment.

The court heard that Michael Federico Daum, of Mayfield, had been in a relationship with the victim for just over three years before it ended in January this year.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said Daum contacted her following their break-up to say he wanted to resume the relationship. She said she was not interested, but Daum began harassing her consistently between May and June.

Daum went to the victim's workplace twice, where he was asked to leave by her colleagues, and sent text messages and emails to the victim and her employer.

A police safety order was issued when the victim complained to police about unwanted text messages from Daum, and he left the region, but returned when the safety order expired.

Daum sent the victim emails on June 11 and June 19, some of which indicated Daum had been monitoring her movements, Harris said. He also sent letters to her workplace, and emailed her employer.


The victim went back to police on June 24, after getting emails from Daum which said he wanted to end his life.

A new police safety order and a criminal harassment notice were issued, but Daum breached the orders when he sent the victim another text message.

He also phoned the victim, who hung up upon recognising his voice.

The judge said Daum had continued to try and persuade his former partner to continue their relationship, despite her "pretty blunt" advice that she was not interested.

"There have been a lot of lines put in place by the police and the complainant and you have continued to step over those," the judge told Daum.

He put a protection order in place, ordered him to attend a domestic violence programme, and sentenced him to 50 hours' community work.

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