Woman's spitting, kicking at police officer ends in court

21:09, Jun 30 2014

A 21-year-old Picton woman appeared in the Blenheim District Court on Monday, after kicking and spitting on a police officer during a night out.

Krystal Lee Bullen pleaded guilty to wilful damage, assaulting police, resisting police and disorderly behaviour after the incident on June 22.

The police prosecutor said the Picton woman was laying awkwardly against a shed on Shelley Beach Rd in Picton when a police patrol vehicle drove past.

The police officer stopped the vehicle and Bullen woke up, and quickly got up off the ground before she lashed out, running towards the police car.

She hit the door of the car with both hands and swung at the police officer with a closed fist through the open window.

She continued to swing at the police officer with closed fists, until he restrained her, hand-cuffed her and put her into the front passenger seat of the car.


Once she was in the car she spat on the officer's face and kicked out, smashing the front wind screen.

The officer stopped driving and waited for another patrol vehicle to take Bullen to the Picton Police Station.

She continued to lash out at the police officers, kicking and spitting at them as she was taken into the station.

Lawyer Philip Watson said Bullen had had a rather stressful day and things got out of hand.

The judge convicted her and sentenced her to six months' supervision and 50 hours' community work.

She was ordered to pay $316.25 reparation.

Tyrone Teoti Macdonald, 23, was remanded for sentence after admitting a charge of wilful dam- age.

Harris said the vineyard worker had been drinking at an associate's house on June 28.

He was intoxicated and he got into an argument with the associate, before leaving the address.

As he walked down the driveway Macdonald stopped and attempted to pull the victim's letterbox down.

He returned to the house a short time later and when he realised he had been locked out he hit a ranch slider, causing the window to smash, before leaving the address again.

He was later located by police and received medical treatment for cuts to his hand from the glass.

He was remanded for sentencing on July 14 so reparation costs could be established.

Adam Michael Hubac, 19, was ordered to come up for sentence if called within six months after completing restorative justice on two charges of theft and possession of cannabis.

The judge convicted him on all three charges and made an order for the destruction of the cannabis.

George Francis Raj, 38, was given two months to get his restricted driver's licence to avoid being further disqualified.

He pleaded guilty to his third or subsequent charge of driving while suspended.

Judge Zohrab said it seemed as if Raj had been on his learner's licence "forever" and gave him until August 25 to sit his restricted licence before being sentenced.

Abigail Jessica Page, 19, admitted a charge of drink-driving after staff in the Blenheim Burger King drive-thru noticed she had been drinking.

Harris said the Waikawa woman drove to the food outlet about 8pm on June 3.

She went through the drive-thru and had an argument with a former associate, before getting into her car and leaving.

She was stopped by police on Main St and breath-tested.

Page had 646 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg. She was co-operative with police, Harris said.

The judge convicted Page, disqualified her from driving for six months and sentenced her to 40 hours' community work.

Hone David Joyce, 21, was disqualified from driving for six months after being caught driving while suspended on June 6.

When he was stopped he told police his name was Marcus Joyce, but later told them he had lied about his identity, giving them his twin brother's details.

He said he had lied because he only had a few days left of his three-month disqualification. He was fined $250 and disqualified from driving for six months.

Julee Ann Filipo, 62, pleaded guilty to shoplifting after stealing from Pak ‘n Save Blenheim on May 14.

Harris said the Riversdale woman went to the supermarket about 11.20am with an associate.

While in the supermarket, the pair took cleaning products, baby food, bibs and a babies' cup as well as hair dye.

They removed some of the products from their packaging and hid them in their clothing.

The total value of the items taken was $45.21.

When she was confronted, Filipo denied the theft.

She was ordered to pay reparation as well as an extra $350 in emotional harm reparations.to the staff social club, because it was they who had to deal with offenders like Filipo, Judge Zohrab said.

Keanan Elers-O'Neill was sentenced to 40 hours' community work after stealing from Pak ‘n Save in New Plymouth.

The police prosecutor said Elers-O'Neill went to the supermarket on May 13 where he began putting grocery items into a basket.

Before going to the checkout he put some of the items, including a packet of coffee and battery-powered toothbrushes down his pants.

He paid for the items still in his basket then tried to leave the store without paying for the concealed items, worth $38.39.

He was stopped outside the shop by security staff and all of the items were recovered.

A 27-year-old man appeared on a charge of male assaults female, which he denied. The Blenheim man was granted interim name suppression and was bailed to appear on August 11.

Daniel Colin Carrick, 19, admitted stealing a cask of wine from Pak ‘n Save Blenheim.

Harris said Carrick went to the supermarket on May 17 about 8.55pm and was captured on CCTV footage putting a cask of wine in his backpack.

He tried to leave the shop without paying for the wine in the bag, which was on his back. In explanation Carrick said "I can't lie when it's on CCTV footage, it's me", Harris said.

He was sentenced to 40 hours' community work and ordered to pay $24.69 reparation.

Lucifer Schuster, 17, was rebailed on a 24-hour curfew when he appeared on a charge of breaching his bail, despite being warned he could end up in prison if he breached the conditions.

Schuster is facing three charges of burglary and 12 of unlawfully interfering with a motor vehicle.

He was granted bail last Monday on a curfew from 7pm to 7am, he was not to consume alcohol, not to enter Picton, and not to contact his alleged co-offender.

The judge warned him that if he breached those conditions he would likely end up in custody until his next appearance.

However, Judge Zohrab rebailed him yesterday, saying he would "err on the side of caution", with Schuster.

Remanding him in an adult prison was not suitable because of both his age and personal circumstances, Zohrab said. He bailed him on a 24-hour curfew, to reappear on July 7.

Joseph Paris Riddell, 24, denied charges of male assaults female and assault with intent to injure. He was remanded on bail to reappear on September 2.

Jamie Donald Huntley, 18, accepted a charge of breaching his bail and denied two of receiving stolen property. He was remanded until July 23 for a judge-alone hearing.

Leonard Henry Leef, 49, was sentenced on his seventh charge of drink-driving.

The judge said Leef was stopped on December 16 about 8.55pm for a routine check, when a breath-test showed he had a breath-alcohol level of 558mcg of alcohol per litre of breath.

It had taken a while to get to sentencing point because Leef had initially pleaded not guilty, Judge Zohrab said.

The charge was not remarkable because the level was not particularly high, but of concern were Leef's six previous drink-driving convictions, he said.

However, a long interval since Leef's last offending stopped him from imposing a prison sentence, he said.

Leef was sentenced to six months' supervision, 160 hours' community work and was disqualified from driving for 12 months and one day.

James Arthur Holder was sentenced to 80 hours' community work and was disqualified from driving for his third or subsequent charge of driving while suspended.

Rachel Gibson-Fox, 22, denied a charge of driving while disqualified and was remanded for a case review on August 11.

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