Officers get uniform upgrade

17:00, Jul 01 2014
St John
NEW LOOK: St John personnel in Marlborough will be switching to this new uniform in the next few weeks.

Marlborough St John ambulance officers will soon be decked out head to toe in green as the organisation announces its first major uniform upgrade in 12 years.

The new uniform is being rolled out nationwide over the next three months, with Auckland St John the first to get a new kit.

It consists of a dark green shirt, white under-shirt and dark green cargo trousers and will replace the existing uniform of white shirt, black pants and a green jacket.

St John Marlborough territory manager Murray Neal said Marlborough staff would get their new uniforms in less than two weeks. It would be another week before all staff were wearing them, he said.

St John operations director Michael Brooke said the new uniform was functional, comfortable and cost effective.

The company stuck with green because it was the internationally recognised colour associated with medical care, he said.


The uniform update was something staff had requested for some time and it was a pragmatic and cost-effective move, he said.

"We have estimated there will be a saving of about $400,000 over three years including replacement and roll-out costs," he said.

"That's a saving of over $130 per uniform kit issued to fulltime paid staff."

A St John spokeswoman said the new uniforms cost less to produce than the current ones.

St John's last major uniform overhaul was in 2002 when maroon epaulettes, tie and jumper were replaced.

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