Rainbow gets snow on the road

21:14, Jul 06 2014

Cold weather arrived just in time late last week to allow Rainbow Ski Area to open as planned on Saturday.

A fresh layer of snow greeted the first snowboarders and skiers to arrive.

Mountain manager Jono Hay said the warm weather in June had the ski area management fearing they would have to postpone the opening day. "The conditions are really good today. We did about 60 hours of snow making and then also had about 3 centimetres [of natural snow] fall - I'm really pleased with the first day," he said.

Only the lower slopes containing the beginner and intermediate sections were open as there was insufficient snow cover high up the mountain. Hay hoped to have these sections open soon, though.

Blenheim mum Vicky Charles and her son Kieran, 11, were among the first up on the mountain on Saturday. Keen snowboarder Kieran was up at 6am, his mum said.

"This is our second year coming up. It's such a great spot for beginners and families," Charles said.

A mixture of first-timers and seasoned snow lovers took to the slopes, enjoying the sunny weather. By lunch more snow had begun to fall, continuing to get heavier by mid-afternoon.

Hay said the skifield would stay open until the beginning of October.

"A lot of people don't realise but some of the best skiing is during spring," he said.


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