Teens have a blast at party

01:04, Jul 07 2014

A teenage rave in Blenheim went without incident on Thursday night.

There were no arrests or reports of illegal drinking at the Pro Fresh Neon Blackout, a dance party for teenagers aged 13 to 18.

About 400 teenagers turned up at the drug and alcohol-free event, believed to have been the first of its kind in Blenheim, at Clubs of Marlborough.

Blenheim mother and youth leader Jo Lane attended.

"It was a really good event and well supported," she said.

"The youth were really well behaved. Before the event I was very suspicious but it was a very clean event.


"There was a good balance. The girls were dressed appropriately and didn't put themselves in a vulnerable position. There was no hanky-panky or PDAs."

Lane said there had been tight security. All bags were searched and anyone who had noticeably consumed alcohol was not allowed entry.

All party-goers had to produce ID to be admitted and had to show a text message saying they were being picked up after the event.

"The music was great and the kids loved it. I would be delighted if they came back next year," Lane said.

Police communications manager Barbara Dunn confirmed there had been no arrests or trouble at the event.

The Marlborough Express