'Stalker' collapses in court

A man who was "essentially stalking" his former partner collapsed in Blenheim District Court yesterday and was taken to hospital.

Michael Federico Daum, 44, pleaded guilty to and was convicted of five charges of breaching a protection order and one of wilful trespass.

After Judge John Walker's decision to remand Daum in custody until sentencing, Daum threw himself to the ground, and complained of chest pains. St John ambulance staff attended and treated him, before he got up and walked to the ambulance.

The breached protection order had been issued in court last Monday.

According to the police summary of facts, police were called to the victim's workplace about 6.50am on Wednesday by an employee who found Daum in the grounds. When police arrived he was sitting under a tree by the front door to the office and was arrested for breaching a trespass notice.

The victim then found she had received four emails from Daum earlier that morning. The emails were all identical, but were sent from different email addresses all belonging to Daum. They detailed how he wanted to end his life, and copies of the emails had been sent to the victim's colleagues.

Police visited the workplace about 11.15am on the same day when a noose was found hanging in a tree.

Lawyer John Holdaway applied for bail on Daum's behalf yesterday, but the judge said he had been "essentially stalking" the victim and her safety could not be guaranteed if he granted bail.

"The defendant has breached harassment orders, protection orders, trespass orders . . . he is showing a complete non-acceptance of the break-up."

Daum was remanded for sentence on July 28.

The Marlborough Express