Letter from Wills and Kate delights

17:00, Jul 07 2014
Janice Thompsett
ROYAL THANKS: Marlborough royalist Janice Thompsett with the thank you letter she received from Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Getting a thank you letter from Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, set royalist Janice Thompsett up for a great week.

The co-owner of Thommy's Takeaways in Witherlea said she was ecstatic to receive a personalised letter from Wills and Kate thanking her for a gift she gave Kate during the royal visit to Blenheim on April 10. The letter specifically thanked her for the hand cream for Kate and hand-made hat for Prince George, which Thompsett gave Kate during her walkabout in Seymour Square.

"I thought that was really great that they mentioned the items specifically and it wasn't just a generic ‘thank you for the gift' letter. I put my details in the gift bag with the gifts, but I didn't expect to get anything back," she said.

The little hat was hand-made by Thompsett and her daughter Lisa Thompsett. The mum-and-daughter team co-own Weka clothing.

Even though Thompsett is a big fan of the royal family and in particular Wills and Kate, she almost didn't go and see the couple in person.

"I was watching it on the news because I thought there would be far too many people to get close, but at about 9am I decided just to go and take some gifts for them," Thompsett said.

She found herself in the second row of the crowd, before a gap opened up and she managed to get in front on the side Kate was doing her meet and greet.

"She [Kate] stopped to talk to me and the lady next to me about [Prince] George and how she wished she could have brought him with her. She also said he was being so spoilt with all the gifts," Thompsett said.

"They are such a wonderful couple - so down to earth and approachable. They have brought a real freshness and new energy to the royal family."


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