Man denies historic indecent assault charges

23:08, Jul 07 2014

A 78-year-old man denied 20 historical charges of indecent assault on a young boy in the Blenheim District Court yesterday.

The charges all relate to the same complainant, who was aged between 7 and 9-years-old when the alleged incidents took place between 1967 and 1969.

The Blenheim man was granted interim name suppression and was remanded until September 8 for a case review hearing.

Tukia Fotu, 24, was sent to prison after a review of his community detention sentence.

Fotu breached the 24-hour curfew he was subject to after he burgled Countdown Redwoodtown and Z Service Station in Redwoodtown in Blenheim in February.

His lawyer, Philip Watson said his client had a problem with alcohol and could not function properly in the community and comply with his sentence.


Judge John Walker said it was clear the community-based sentence was no longer an option and sentenced him to four months' imprisonment with six months post-release conditions.

He was sentenced to one month in prison on the breach of community detention charge, to be served concurrently.

Troy Edward Maddock, 22, appeared for sentencing on charges of theft, burglary, attempted burglary, obtaining by deception and obtaining accommodation by fraud.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Jason Munro said Maddock and an associate went to the Redwoodtown dairy about 12.30am on April 24.

They knew the dairy had shut down but still had stock inside.

He attempted to open a back door with a crescent, before trying a window. He then realised there were bars inside the window and gave up.

In explanation to police he said he went to the dairy with the intention of breaking in because they ran out of cigarettes and wanted to steal some.

The judge said the burglary had been the more serious charge - Maddock and two associates went to the Redwood Tavern, broke in through a skylight and stole $590 worth of alcohol.

Maddock had a history of dishonest offending, with 25 previous dishonesty convictions, the judge said.

It appeared the offending was to support a drug habit, and until that habit was dealt with he was likely to continue coming to court.

Maddock had served a number of prison sentences since 2009, and it was unlikely he had had an opportunity to deal with his drug habit because of that, the judge said.

He sentenced him to four months' community detention on the charge of burglary with six months post-sentence conditions.

On the remaining charges he was sentenced to 150 hours' community work.

A Blenheim publican appeared in the Blenheim District Court on a charge of drink-driving yesterday. Simon Warren Clifford Croft, who owns Fairweathers bar on Scott St, was remanded to reappear in court on July 21.

Ricky John Fuller-Muir, 26, was sentenced to four months' community detention on his fourth drink-driving conviction.

The Woodbourne man was found driving on Old Renwick Rd on June 9 with a breath-alcohol level of 704mcg per litre of breath. The legal limit is 400mcg per litre of breath.

He was also sentenced to 12 months' supervision and was disqualified from driving for one year and one day.

Kori James Wairepo, 31, was convicted on two charges of theft, one of driving while suspended, one of possession of cannabis, one of breaching bail and one of breaching community work.

He was sentenced to five months' community detention on each charge.

Moncello Shirley, 24, was sent to prison on two charges of theft and one of burglary after he and two associates stole about $10,000 worth of property from a Battys Rd house.

The judge said the men had been invited to the house for a party on May 31, where they stole some alcohol, before leaving and returning twice throughout the night to take more property.

Most of the items were recovered but $202.16 in reparations were sought from Shirley.

He was on parole at the time of the offending and had been recalled to prison until December as a result of the new offences.

The judge convicted him and sentenced him to six months' imprisonment on the charge of burglary, and one month in prison on the charge of theft, to be served concurrently.

The sentence was to be served cumulatively on the current prison sentence and reparations were to be paid within three months' of his release.

James Thornton Lines, 23, pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified after being stopped by police on June 4 about 11.05pm.

He had three previous convictions for driving while suspended and told police he was just going to get some food for his family.

His lawyer Laurie Murdoch said her client had two young children and his partner was also a disqualified driver so a further disqualification would have a big impact on their family.

The judge said it appeared Lines' offending had slowed down this year, and said he would be "given a chance" yesterday.

He was sentenced to 150 hours' community work, and warned him if he drove while disqualified again he would be disqualified for a "very" long time.

Sam Joseph Kiernan, 23, admitted charges of drink-driving and driving while suspended after he drove his vehicle into a ditch.

Munro said Kiernan was driving towards Blenheim from Spring Creek on State Highway 1 about 3am on June 11.

As he came around a bend in the road he saw a car parked on the side of the road and swerved to avoid it.

He then over-corrected himself and swerved over both lanes and into a ditch.

He left his car and was taken to Wairau Hospital by a third party.

Blood samples taken at the hospital showed he had an excess blood-alcohol level of 132 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. The legal limit is 80mcg of alcohol per 100ml of blood.

He was convicted and remanded until August 4 for sentence.

Dylan Conner Bradshaw, 23, denied charges of cultivating cannabis and possession of cannabis for supply.

He has been remanded at large for a case review hearing on September 8.

Robert Andrew Guard, 68, was ordered to pay $750 in emotional harm payments to the victim of a car accident he caused.

The court heard that restorative justice had been explored, but that the victim did not want to take part.

The court also heard that Guard had made significant donations to all emergency services involved in the accident on March 9.

The judge took the donations into account, as well as Guard's guilty plea and acceptance of responsibility.

He was also disqualified from driving for six months.

Bonnie Ray Harley Zivanna Schuster, 22, was remanded until July 21 on charges of breaching community work, receiving property, one of unlawfully taking a motor vehicle and one of interfering with a motor vehicle.

Angus Hendrix Ngarangione, 23, was further remanded until July 24 for a case review hearing on 13 denied charges.

He faces four charges of supplying methamphetamine, three of supplying LSD, one of conspiring to deal methamphetamine, one of intimidation, supplying cannabis, conspiring to deal cannabis, aggravated robbery and theft.

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