Time for 'tcanes' to ante up on bet

22:34, Jul 10 2014
Janette Walker
WAITING: Janette Walker.

Labour's Kaikoura electorate candidate Janette Walker is keen to take a $200 bet on the result of the election, but her challenger has yet to front up.

A person commenting on the Marlborough Express website challenged Walker to a wager on the result of the election race in Kaikoura, with the bet being a $200 donation to Women's Refuge.

Walker said she was delighted to make the bet, but was still waiting for a response from "tcanes".

On the mex.co.nz site, tcanes said: "Janette, I am prepared to wager a $200 donation to Blenheim Women's Refuge on the outcome of Stu Smith winning Kaikoura, what say you? Will you match the wager if I'm wrong?"

Walker replied: "Tcanes absolutely happy to take up your wager, better yet, how about sending me an email with your contact number and maybe you could organise a public debate with your man Stu to discuss local issues and pork-barrel politics. Good to see you have picked a worthy organisation."

Asked yesterday about the bet, Walker laughed and said she was still waiting to hear from tcanes.


"I haven't heard a thing."

She didn't know who the person was, but was happy to take the wager and happy to front up to that person and to have a public debate with National's Kaikoura electorate candidate Stuart Smith.

"Women's Refuge is a great cause, absolutely. I have a personal interest in that."

Women's Refuge was grossly underfunded. They did a phenomenal amount of work and there was not enough emergency housing available for them in Marlborough, she said.

Violence was simply not acceptable. It was happening in all sectors of society, and not just to low-income people or to "someone else", Walker said. The violence was not just physical attacks, but mental abuse as well. cathie.bell@mex.co.nz

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