Cup shocker stuns Blenheim's Brazilians

02:11, Jul 10 2014
Heina Petzold
FRIENDSHIP OVER FOOTBALL: German Heina Petzold and Brazilian Saulo Camillo Nunes were both shocked when Germany won their World Cup semi final 7-1.

A group of Blenheim-based Brazilians and one German man were left in shock when they gathered to watch their home nations go head-to-head in the Football World Cup semifinal yesterday.

German man Heina Petzold was invited to watch the game between Germany and Brazil at Gramado's Restaurant and Bar, where he expected a "white-wash" when Brazil took out the match.

Instead, the Brazilians went down 7-1.

It was the first time they had lost a competitive match on home soil since 1975.

"It was good at first, but then sad for them, I was really the only German for miles . . . originally I was looking for a quick exit but they assured me I was fine," Petzold said.

Gramado's owner Saulo Camillo Nunes said nobody in the Brazilian community could believe what had happened.


He had thought the German team had a slight advantage after Brazil lost two players, Neymar and Thiago Silva, before the game, but did not expect such a dramatic loss.

"I was actually pretty good but since [yesterday] morning it [was] a pretty bad day.

"After everyone left [yesterday morning] it was just myself and my niece and she looked at me and it was like ‘did that just happen?"' Camillo Nunes said.

Football was a massive part of Brazilian culture. He hoped the loss would not spark trouble for the remainder of the competition.

"My only hope is the Brazil people keep football in mind, I hope they can still show all the world we are still hospitable and show the best of Brazil. We didn't show the best of the soccer, but there's much more to show," he said.

Camillo Nunes would continue to fly Brazilian flags for the World Cup, and would be supporting them in their playoff for third or fourth place on Saturday, he said.

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