Jobs lost at freight forwarder

17:00, Jul 10 2014

A Marlborough employee of Bullet Freight Systems says he was shellshocked when he heard the company was in receivership and he was out of a job.

The five Marlborough employees were told on Friday the company had gone into receivership - by Tuesday they were jobless.

The company was placed into receivership on Friday by director Paul Elliott, who could not be reached for comment.

David Webb, John Larner and Nicholas Martin, of PPB Advisory, were appointed receivers and managers of the freight, warehousing and distribution company, which has seven depots throughout New Zealand.

The former employee said he and his colleagues were asked to gather at the depot in Riverlands last Friday evening and were told the company had been put into receivership.

"At 6.15pm we were told ‘that's it. Please hand over your keys and your cellphones - everything."'


They were told the receivers would try to sell the business over the weekend, but he knew that was the end, he said.

"There was rumourmongering at work before hand . . . we knew we were financially in the poo.

"We all put one and one together and got four.".

After hearing the news he just "turned off the lights and came home", he said.

On Tuesday, all employees were told the company was unable to find a buyer all jobs were terminated - effective immediately, he said.

He hoped all employees would be able to find work, he said. "People that are dedicated to the company don't deserve this."

He had a job interview yesterday so was hopeful he would have a job by the end of next week. "It's looking positive."

In a statement, PPB Advisory New Zealand managing partner David Webb said no one made an offer on the business and "as a result Bullet Freight Group ceased trading earlier this week."

"Regrettably, with no sale options we were forced to notify the majority of employees that their employment with the Group would cease.

"It's not a decision that's been taken lightly and all employee wages, including those pre-appointment, were paid up until 5pm July 8."

The receivers were working with customers to make arrangements for the collection of goods linked to Bullet Freight Group.

The delivery of some sensitive items, such as urgent medical supplies and perishable goods, has continued.

The receivers first report was due September 4.

The company has depots in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Nelson, Blenheim, Christchurch and Dunedin.

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