Roadworks add to 'nightmare' intersection

02:12, Jul 15 2014
Grant McCallum
MOTORISTS' NIGHTMARE: Blenheim woman Cindy Anker says temporary traffic lights are needed so motorists can safely cross the Middle Renwick, Battys and Murphys roads intersection.

Driving across Blenheim's Battys Rd intersection can be a nightmare at the best of times, but the roadworks have made it worse, a Blenheim woman says.

Cindy Anker, 33, found herself sitting at the corner of Battys and Middle Renwick roads for more than 15 minutes last week waiting for traffic to pass before crossing over to Murphys Rd.

Construction on a new roundabout at the Springlands intersection started in May.

Anker said she had seen a lot of near-misses at the intersection because drivers were sick of waiting.

"Before they started doing the roadworks it was hard to get across Battys Rd because a lot of the time the traffic is continuously flowing.

"But now it's actually worse . . . it's a hazard."


Roadworks were blocking drivers' vision and people were not paying attention to the 30kmh speed limit, she said.

Motorists were doing "silly things" just to get across the road, she said.

"People are pulling out and gunning it across and really putting their foot down . . . It's just a really, really bad intersection."

She thought temporary traffic lights would have gone up to deal with the congested intersection while roadworks were ongoing.

"I know Blenheim is against traffic lights but even if it was a lollipop man."

She could not wait until the roundabout was finished, she said.

Marlborough Roads manager Frank Porter said he expected work on the Springlands intersection be to completed in late spring.

He understood the need for more controlled traffic.

He hoped a temporary roundabout would be put in placed at the intersection Battys Rd intersection and at the Boyce St intersection further along the road over the next month.

"The temporary roundabouts will improve flows, however delays should still be expected.

"Where we have high traffic flows, manual traffic control will be more efficient than use of temporary traffic lights."

He encouraged drivers to avoid both intersections over the next two to three months if possible.

To minimise traffic disruptions, the contractors were considering working on pavement construction during evenings. "If practicable [this] would minimise delays during daily peak traffic flows."

However, the contractor was yet to make any final decision on night work, Porter said.

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