Devilskin starting a revolution

20:42, Jul 15 2014
 Laressa Shenfield
REVOLUTION: Heavy metal group Devilskin play Paddy Barrys Irish Pub in Blenheim on Thursday night.

A New Zealand heavy metal group playing in Blenheim tomorrow night has started a revolution with a little help from an American songwriter.

Devilskin's new single Start A Revolution has topped the Rock FM charts. The song was written by American Aimee Allen, who recorded an album I'd Start a Revolution If I Could Get Up in the Morning but never released it.

"We heard the song and thought it was a winner, " says Devilskin guitarist Paul Martin. "We were a little worried by the lyrics, so we contacted Aimee and asked if we could rewrite them. "She gave us her blessing. The spin we put on it was to keep it a bit more positive than the original but it's still addressing apathy. It's basically a wake-up call. We can't keep letting the wool be pulled over our eyes."

Start A Revolution is the third single off Devilskin's debut album We Rise.

The videos for the first two - Little Pills and Never See The Light - have already tallied more than 100,000 views each on YouTube. The album was one of the last to be recorded at York St in Auckland with producer Clint Murphy.

"We have taken our time with the album because we wanted to do it right, " Martin says. "We had the opportunity to put it out about a year and a half ago. It would have been a cheap job and we didn't want that. We thought the songs deserved a bit more respect.


"We are really stoked by the number of people overseas who are into what we do. We are pretty humbled by it. The first two singles had been out for a year before radio picked up on them and then The Rock Spot played it and it became the most requested Kiwi song they had ever had.

"Considering we did it all ourselves, it's been a real groundswell thing. We have all played in bands before but none of us has enjoyed this kind of success. It's really cool.

"There is a real chance that this could open up a few doors for us overseas but, as you know, the music industry is like a giant lucky dip - there are no guarantees. Without a product and a good one, you are screwed really. Now that we have our album out, we've got some ammunition to go places."

Devilskin play at Paddy Barrys Irish Pub in Blenheim tomorrow at 7.30pm.

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