Broke fisherman stole cask of wine

21:32, Jul 15 2014

In the Blenheim District Court on Monday, Valary Alexandrovich Golovchenko, 49, admitted a charge of theft after taking a cask of wine from Countdown Blenheim.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Mark Harris said the fisherman was in the supermarket on July 5 about 9pm when he was seen by two staff members putting the cask in his backpack.

When he was spoken to by police he denied taking the wine, valued at $20, but had no means to pay for it and no explanation for how he got it.

Golovchenko was sentenced to 40 hours' community work and six months' supervision.

Tyrone Teoti Macdonald, 23, was convicted and sentenced to 50 hours' community work on a charge of wilful damage which he had previously admitted.

He was also sentenced to six months' supervision and ordered to pay $220 in reparations for the damage.


Breeana Maxine Kelly, 17, pleaded guilty to a charge of shoplifting.

She was remanded for restorative justice to be explored and was to reappear on August 18.

Ada Kahurangi Bugler, 71, admitted a charge of drink-driving.

The Picton woman stopped at a checkpoint on Waikawa Rd about 8.30pm on June 21.

She underwent a breath-screening test which showed she had a breath-alcohol level of 574mcg per litre of breath.

She told police she had had a bottle of wine and was going to get some cigarettes.

Judge Richard Russell told her in court on Monday that she should give up smoking.

"Then you wouldn't have to drive and you wouldn't be in this pickle," he said.

He fined her $535 and disqualified her from driving for six months.

Daniel Edward Dehar, 26, admitted to driving while disqualified and causing sustained loss of traction.

He was sentenced to 75 hours' community work on each charge and was disqualified from driving for a further 8 months staring on August 8.

Amanda Lorraine Barr, 25, denied two charges, of resisting arrest and assault with intent to injure. She has elected a jury trial and was remanded for a case review hearing on September 15.

Jack Claude Feavers, 19, avoided a further driving disqualification after he drove while disqualified on April 7.

The judge said he was satisfied that it had been a one off incident when the Upper Hutt man chose to drive because his girlfriend was in labour.

Because of the special circumstances Feavers was convicted and sentenced to 40 hours' community work and was not further disqualified.

Kolina Marie Filipo Boyce, 17, was remanded for sentence after admitting a charge of common assault.

Harris said Boyce and the victim of the assault had been in a relationship for four years and they had an 11-month-old baby together.

The pair were outside their house on July 3 about 5.30pm and were arguing about a lack of clothing for their baby.

She began slapping her partner before smashing a glass lamp shade above them.

A concerned neighbour phoned police and Boyce's partner denied the incident, but she admitted what had happened.

She said she was angry because her partner hadn't picked up the clothes for their baby.

The judge said Boyce had a history of assault convictions and he was not prepared to sentence her yesterday.

"All of the warning bells for you young lady are going thick and fast here. This simply cannot continue.

"It must be patently obvious to you that I have had enough of the behaviour going on in your house," Russell said.

He remanded her until August 11 for a pre-sentence report to be completed.

Larissa Rewa Wallace-Tapine, 17, was remanded without plea on a charge of assault with intent to injure.

She was to reappear on July 28.

David Garry Walker, 21, was remanded without plea on a charge of burglary. He was to reappear on July 28.

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