Jail for repeat sex offender

A man who broke into a Picton home and sexually assaulted two 16-year-old girls has a history of sexual offending, including rape.

In the High Court in Blenheim today, Penisimani Taakimoeaka, 26, was sentenced to seven and a half years' jail on charges of assault with intent to commit rape, sexual violation by unlawful sexual connection and three charges of indecent assault.

In sentencing Taakimoeaka, Justice David Collins added included one year's imprisonment to reflect his prior offending. Taakimoeaka had raped, sexually violated by unlawful sexual connection, and attempted to sexually violate another 16-year-old girl by unlawful sexual connection in March 2005.

He was sent to prison for six and a half years on those charges.

Collins said Taakimoeaka had developed a "disturbing propensity" to sexually abuse young girls in their homes.

Aggravating features of the Picton incident on March 31, last year, were that he unlawfully entered the room where the victims were sleeping, and the vulnerability of the victims, Collins said.

Taakimoeaka entered the house about 3.30am through a window. Once inside he picked up one of the girls from the bed they slept in and carried her to a second bedroom, where he laid her on a mattress.

"You took her into that room for the purpose of raping her," Collins said.

The victim managed to escape and run back to her room and her bed.

Taakimoeaka followed her and sat on the bed, where he grabbed the thigh of the second victim.

The indecent assault on the girls stopped only when a male occupant of the house came into the room after hearing the girls scream, Collins said.

According to a victim impact statement, the two girls had been "emotionally devastated" by Taakimoeaka's offending, the court heard.

The three charges of indecent assault in themselves were not serious but the charge of assault with intent to commit rape attracted a sentence of five and a half years' jail on its own, Collins said.

He added an uplift of one year's imprisonment for the charges of indecent assault, on top of the extra year for the prior offending.

Taakimoeaka, who has a partner and two children, was given a minimum non-parole period of four years.

The Marlborough Express