Big parking fine tally for Blenheim

More than 2600 drivers have been slapped with a fine for over-staying their welcome in Blenheim car parks in the past year.

Marlborough Roads manager Frank Porter said that a total of 2607 infringement notices had been issued in central Blenheim for exceeding the time on time-restricted car parks.

The notices were given to vehicles that had exceeded the limit on a five-minute car park by less than 30 minutes, to exceeding time on a P150 park by more than one hour.

Parking control in Marlborough is contracted to Marlborough Roads, which then subcontracts the job to ADT Armourguard.

Armourguard employs parking wardens to issue tickets and is based at Opawa St.

Parking had been a hot topic in Marlborough after the district council agreed to review its parking strategy.

It plans to have a new strategy in place by December.

The Marlborough Express