Remaining post boxes to stay

No more post boxes are to be removed from Blenheim, NZ Post says.

NZ Post Blenheim manager Grant Sinclair said declining mail volumes and the lack of use of some boxes had led NZ Post to remove some boxes five weeks ago. There were no plans to remove any more boxes at this stage, he said.

Boxes on Battys Rd and Parker St were removed in June. Sinclair said a box in Cleghorn St was kept there after people in the area rang saying it was needed.

"It is just the way of the world at the moment unfortunately. There is a decline in letters . . . Where we get customers, we'll keep them, where we haven't, we'll take them out as necessary."

The boxes taken out last month were just not used and it cost NZ Post as much to clear them as they were worth, he said.

"It's a declining industry, it's as simple as that . . . It's sad. It's exactly the same in newspapers."

NZ Post went through a process to alert users of the potential loss of a box. It put a notice on the affected box a month beforehand so that people could object. If there were no objections, the box was removed.

That process had saved a box in Cleghorn St near a retirement home, Sinclair said.

Marlborough District councillor Jenny Andrews said she had noticed the post boxes vanish from Parker St, and late last year from Murphys Rd in Springlands.

"They seemed to be disappearing."

She said she would dearly love to see post boxes at the supermarkets because that was where everyone went and they were "pretty well open all the time".

Many older people still sent cards and paid bills by cheque so post boxes were important, Andrews said.

Sinclair said NZ Post did have post boxes by most of the supermarkets.

The post boxes in Redwoodtown, Springlands, Picton, and Spring Creek were all by supermarkets, and the one in Renwick was just up the road.

The Marlborough Express