Developer seeks support for water park

Picton man Terry Brown is going ahead with plans to build a water park, and is calling for the Marlborough District Council to get behind him.

Brown, who refers to himself as a property developer, bought a hydroslide from Timaru District Council for $10,000 last year. The deal included a pump and stairs he has yet to receive.

While he originally wanted to put the hydroslide on Picton's foreshore, he has changed tack and purchased 3.6 hectares of land on State Highway 1, just before the entrance to Picton for the water park. He is now waiting on designs to be finalised so he can apply for resource consent.

He said the water park would have at least two pools, waterbikes, zorb balls - large inflated balls people can walk in - and new water slides. Transportation from the foreshore was also planned.

Brown is annoyed the plans for the park were delayed. He was determined to get at least part of it up and running before summer, but he needed the full support of Marlborough District Council.

"They want to make Picton a destination," he said. "To do that, they need to work in with the developers. I want their backing."

He hoped to meet with Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman to discuss the water park.

"It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the council to grab," he said. "They should be in there helping us, not fighting us."

He said the council seemed more concerned with Blenheim than Picton, and needed to support developers who wanted to invest in Picton.

"They seem to do a lot of talk, but nothing happens," he said. "Picton could be great. You've got the Marlborough Sounds on the doorstep - it's the eighth wonder of the world out here."

Sowman said the council had never been opposed to the hydroslide, but the location had never been right. Brown had wanted to put the hydroslide on the Picton foreshore, but there hadn't been enough room, he said.

People had told him they would like a hydroslide in Picton, it was just a matter of where. He had not spoken with Brown about the new location so couldn't comment, he said.

"But it's a good activity, I don't have a problem with it."

The Marlborough Express