Marlborough's top dogs revealed

22:28, Jul 27 2014

Marlborough's most popular dog is a labrador retriever.

Statistics show that at the end of May, there were 9859 registered dogs in Marlborough, with the most popular being the labrador retriever with 657 registered. That was followed by the huntaway with 608 registered, the smooth collie with 517, the Jack Russell terrier with 410, and heading dogs with 365.

That is similar to national popularity trends, with the top five dog breeds registered in New Zealand being the labrador retriever, the huntaway, the border collie, the Jack Russell, and the heading dog.

Under the Dog Control Act 1996, all dogs aged over three months have to be registered with their council every year by July 1.

Marlborough District Council statistics show Marlborough has 91 "classified" dogs. Of those, seven are classified as dangerous, and 84 are classified as menacing by breed.

There had been 122 reported dog rushes and attacks during the past year.

Of Marlborough's 9859 registered dogs, 45 per cent - or 4474 of them - had been de-sexed and 60 per cent of them - or 5936 - had been microchipped. Nationally, 57 per cent or 304,309 of registered dogs had been micro-chipped.


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