School gets stolen trailer back after seven years

21:38, Jul 31 2014

No crime is too small or too old for South Island police.

Seven years after Seddon School's trailer was stolen, police tracked it down - well, stumbled across it - at a remote North Canterbury property.

The trailer was uninsured when it was taken in 2007.

Last week, police searched a Balcairn property after a rash of burglaries in the area. A keen-eyed officer noticed a trailer that "looked out of place".

After some "good police work", likened to "a giant game of Cluedo", police linked the trailer back to the school theft. They made contact with the school, and found the trailer had never been replaced.

A board of trustees member was headed to Christchurch at the weekend, so picked it up on the way back.


Best of all, the trailer was still in good nick.

"They'd been using it and kept it in good condition," the officer said.

The school was "absolutely stoked to have it back," he said.

The trailer theft has been added to a list of charges the property owner is facing.

The Marlborough Express