Trucks slow down to appease residents

The speed limit on a narrow Wairau Valley road has been temporarily reduced after residents complained about increased truck traffic.

Trucks have been travelling Church Lane to deliver vineyard posts to a Delegat's vineyard development site at the end of the road.

Some residents were concerned the road was too narrow for trucks and the dust they created was a hazard. Resident Jenny Somerville, secretary of the Wairau Valley Residents and Ratepayers Association, took the concerns to the Marlborough District Council and Delegat's Wine Estates.

Marlborough Roads manager Frank Porter said he contacted a Delegat's manager and asked him to put up temporary speed signs until permanent signs could be put in place.

Delegat's grower business development manager Rengasamy Balasubramaniam, known as Bala, said a temporary 10kmh sign had been put up by the one-way bridge and 30kmh signs erected along the rest of the road.

"We were told that all of a sudden peace and tranquility had been disrupted ... so we addressed their concerns immediately."

Bala said he has gone out of his way ensure the trucks were adhering to the speed limit.

Church Lane resident Angela Woolf said the truck traffic was not as bad this week, but trucks drove up and down the road more than 100 times every day last week.

The narrow road, which crosses a single lane bridge, was not suitable for the volume of traffic, and dust generated reduced visibility for other motorists, she said.

"It's dangerous . . . there have been incidents where people can't see the other lane."

Porter said he expected increased road maintenance would be needed during the development of the vineyard.

Marlborough Roads would ensure the road was kept in good condition, he said.

Church Lane is 1.5 kilometres long, but only 680 metres is sealed.

Marlborough Roads bridge engineers proposed a speed restriction on the Church Lane Bridge. And as a result permanent heavy commercial vehicle speed limit signs would be erected and there would be a 10kmh restriction and a give-way control, he said.

The speed limit would apply only to trucks crossing the bridge.

Bala said the vineyard development was due to be completed by November.

The Marlborough Express