ACT leadership change brings Evans back

Smart Alliances owner and engineer Richard Evans will stand for the ACT party again in next month's election.

Evans, who stood for ACT in the 2011 elections, said party leader Jamie Whyte would visit Blenheim tomorrow for a public meeting at the Quality Hotel in Nelson St at 7.30pm.

The new leadership was one of the prompts for him to stand again, Evans said.

"Whyte is a very intelligent man, and he has a huge international experience. As leader of ACT, he is very beneficial for the party."

Epsom candidate David Seymour would make a "fantastic" MP along with Whyte if the party could get them both elected to Parliament, Evans said.

ACT policies would help grow New Zealand's wealth, he said.

"I think their policies will help generate employment. My stance as a small business owner in Marlborough for 15 years is I think the things they offer will help me to employ people and will help others as well."

He highlighted the party's proposed flatter tax rate, and more apprenticeships.

"A flatter tax for companies and individuals releases funds currently paid in tax. Apprenticeships are my particular beat as a way to get youth into employment."

He said the "three strikes" for violent crime policy ACT had introduced last parliamentary term appeared to have been a "huge success", and it could be broadened to include burglary.

"At the same time, we must offer a better alternative to people, jobs and self-satisfaction of a job, better than being in crime."

Meanwhile, Waipara man John McCaskey is to stand for the Democrat Social Credit party in the Kaikoura electorate in the election.

He has been standing unsuccessfully for Parliament since 1972.

He said people were asking a lot more questions this election about where the country was heading.

There was a decline in family-owned farms and growing corporatisation, he said.

"We're all going to end up working for corporates with the lower wages that brings."

The Marlborough Express