Petrol leaks into park duck pond

21:51, Aug 05 2014
Pollard Park duck pond
NOT A GOOD LOOK: A rainbow-coloured sheen can be seen on the surface of the Pollard Park duck pond because of a petrol leak

Pollard Park's duck pond has been contaminated with petrol, thought to have washed in with stormwater after heavy rain earlier this week.

Hayden Cole noticed the sheen of petrol on the water and the smell when he went to the Blenheim park with his 3-year-old daughter to feed the ducks.

Council compliance manager Garth Congdon said council staff had deployed booms to contain the petrol in two areas.

He said they couldn't work out where it had come from.

"Quite frankly, the area where it's coming from is so big, we are unlikely to be able to track it down . . . something's got into the stormwater from somewhere."

The stream had stormwater from across a wide part of Springlands feeding into it, he said.

The contamination could have come from a spill, or it could be that someone's petrol tank in their car was leaking onto the road and it had been washed into the stormwater in the rain earlier this week.

"We would like to think it's not deliberate."

Two booms had been put across the pond to capture the petrol and to stop it going further and ending up in the Taylor River.


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