Daisy's making a name for herself

21:26, Aug 06 2014
Ray Dunstan and Kathryn Walker
AIMING HIGH: Former Marlborough girl Daisy Maguire will perform in The Sound of Music, alongside an international cast.

A former Marlborough girl has landed herself a role in an internationally renowned production, taking the stage in Wellington next month.

Daisy Maguire, known better in Marlborough as Daisy van Wel, will be one of 18 young New Zealand actors performing alongside a 30-strong international cast in The Sound of Music.

The 12-year-old aspiring performer went to the audition earlier this year only hoping to gain some experience.

"I just sort of went to the auditions as a practice round, I didn't expect to get in because it was my first [audition] but I started getting through rounds," she said.

Videos of her singing, dancing and acting auditions were sent to producers in South Africa, and Daisy had a long wait for an email telling her whether she had landed a role.

"Then it finally did and we were over-thrilled . . . I was screaming and jumping up and down and crying and laughing all at the same time," she said.


Her role was that of Louisa, one of the von Trapp children, and she had about 20 lines, as well as songs to learn.

"There are three weeks of full-on rehearsals starting [soon] . . . I guess after a while the lines will just be clicked into me and I will have trouble forgetting them," she said.

She was most nervous about learning to act continuously on stage. "You can't just go on and say your line and then chew your fingernails, it's constant acting."

Daisy would be making a point of learning from the internationally renowned cast, which included British opera star Lesley Garrett, she said.

Her launch into the performance world coincides with another milestone of her older sister, Clara van Wel. The winner of the 2012 New Zealand's Got Talent yesterday released a charity single A Song For Everyone, along with a team of New Zealand artists and Sony Music, for the For Everyone Charitable Foundation.

Daisy changed her surname to Maguire when she moved to Wellington last year in order to be recognised as a performer in her own right.

"When Clara won [the show] I was obviously extremely proud of her, but I was beginning to be known as Clara's little sister . . . when I'm auditioning and things. I would rather people knew me as Daisy," she said. The pair were very supportive of each other's endeavours, she said.

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