Extra-long Christmas is over

Picton store owners are pleased their extra-long festive season has finally come to an end.

Marlborough District Council took down the bell and star Christmas light decorations, which hung from poles along Picton's High St, on Wednesday.

Karaka Wood Gallery owner Helen Neighbour-Cone said she believed the decorations had been there since the beginning of December last year.

"They took the decorations off half of the street [after Christmas] and somehow they must have just forgotten about the rest . . . it's good to see them gone," she said.

Neighbour-Cone alerted the council to the decorations at a recent meeting and action was taken almost immediately, she said.

Marlborough District Council reserves and amenities officer Robert Hutchinson said the decorations should have come down in February but they were a bit late on the uptake.

Hutchinson said they had to remind their electrical contractor they were still up.

The decorations would go back up in December, he said.

Latitude 41 store owner Jo Ferguson said she did not notice the decorations too much, unless it was dark outside.

But she said she was pleased they were down.

"I wish they had come down at the right time . . . they will be back up in about three or four months why didn't they just leave it up and then take it down at the right time next year.

"It's supposed to be the 12 days of Christmas but I think if they took them down mid-January that would be OK."

Diversion Gallery director Barbara Speedy said the town looked festive with the decorations up.

"It was like we were celebrating Christmas all year round in Picton," she said.

Speedy saw an article about another town leaving their Christmas decorations up all year round and thought Picton might have been heading in the same direction.