Grovetown speed changes overlooked

SAFETY ISSUE: Fell St and Steam Wharf Rd in Grovetown are to have their speed reduced.
SAFETY ISSUE: Fell St and Steam Wharf Rd in Grovetown are to have their speed reduced.

Speed restrictions will be put on four Grovetown roads after all.

The Marlborough District Council decided at its meeting last week to correct an oversight that meant a submission by Grovetown resident Anthony Jordan was not considered when councillors voted to set speed limits across the district, including lowering speeds in 37 areas.

Jordan and his wife Issy Jordan said people treated the 100kmh zone on Fell St as "a target, not a limit", and drivers were unprepared for the sharp turn onto Steam Wharf Rd.

They approached councillors before last week's full council meeting to get the changes re-considered.

Assets and services committee chairman Terry Sloan said that at the committee meeting where the speed reductions were considered, councillors had been "a bit overcome with all the Renwick stuff under discussion, we overlooked the Grovetown recommendations".

Councillor Cynthia Brooks said she and other councillors visited the site, and on the basis of that, decided the speeds should be lowered.

Fell St would become 50kmh for the full length of the street. Elliot St, parallel to Fell St to the north, would become 50kmh for its first 165 metres from Vickerman St, and then 70kmh to where it connected with Grantham St and Steam Wharf Rd, which would both become 70kmh for their full length. Previously, they were 100kmh.

Steam Wharf Rd leads to the Blenheim Rowing Club rooms.

Councillor Peter Jerram said the Grovetown Lagoon access was from Steam Wharf Rd, and its trust supported the changes.

The speeds were "dangerous and unpleasant for residents", he said.

"I apologise to the Jordans. Get on the phone and give us a nudge beforehand next time."

Issy Jordan said lowering the speed in Fell St meant people should not be travelling too fast for the corner into Steam Wharf Rd.

"That was our biggest worry, coming into that corner. We're very much relieved, and just happy the council listened. It's a really good outcome. We really appreciate what the council did."

The speed changes take place a month after the council meeting, and the council also approved reviewing the district's speed limits every three years.

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