Police target frosty windscreens

00:49, Aug 15 2014
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FINE WEATHER: The driver of this car was fined $150 for travelling with an obscured window after travelling at the legal speed of 100kmh.

People who choose that little bit longer under the covers rather than scraping the frost off their car windscreen might find themselves $150 poorer.

Police are targeting Marlborough drivers who haven't cleared the ice off their windscreen on frosty mornings and nights, as temperatures regularly drop to -2 degrees Celsius.

Marlborough highway patrol team leader Sergeant Barrie Greenall said drivers were often spotted on the road peering through a small gap on an icy windscreen.

"People don't want to get up early enough and don't plan ahead enough to remove the ice on their windscreen," Greenall said.

"They scrape off an area the size of a side plate and think they're safe driving on the road."

One of the worst cases Greenall came across this winter was a driver doing 100kmh on Old Renwick Rd, near Blenheim, with frost covering more than two-thirds of the windscreen.


The driver was stopped about 6am after already driving more than 4 kilometres, Greenall said.

The driver, who had no ability to see into side roads or look out for cyclists, told police he hadn't got up early enough.

He was given a $150 infringement fee for having an "obscured window".

Greenall said it wasn't worth risking your life and the lives of others for the sake of getting up 10 minutes earlier.

"If you're coming up to a junction and you're looking through a tiny slot, you have no idea what's going on around you," he said.

"It doesn't take a lot of planning. You might get cold fingers but it's worth it to be safe on the road."

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