EQC pays out $24m for Seddon

22:14, Aug 14 2014

The Seddon earthquakes have cost the Earthquake Commission more than $24 million so far.

Nearly $19m in claims has been paid out in the Marlborough region, closing 3245 of the 4140 claims for the area.

EQC national operations manager Barry Searle says he is pleased with the progress made on the claims one year on from the quakes.

"Almost 80 per cent of claims have been resolved and settled so far and, while we told customers we'd settle their claims by early 2015, we look on track to settle most well before then," he said.

A total of $24,576,234.69 had been paid out by the commission as of yesterday, with 9670 of the 12,247 nationwide claims now closed.

"Our teams have worked hard to make sure thousands of homeowners have been able to get on with their lives and we're thankful to the Marlborough District Council and local community members who helped us get on the ground quickly to make this happen," Searle said.

Of the 2577 outstanding claims, 242 have had payments and were in the process of being resolved.

A magnitude 6.5 earthquake struck about 20 kilometres east of Seddon on July 21 last year, at a depth of 17km.

It was followed by a more severe magnitude 6.6 quake on August 16, centred 10km southeast of Seddon. The depth of the second earthquake was 8km.


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