Survey results sad - counsellor

A Blenheim relationship counsellor says the results of an online dating website survey portray a sad reflection of society.

The survey of 500 Elite Singles members showed 70 per cent of women classed their partner's income as being "very important", as opposed to 27 per cent of men asked.

Blenheim registered psychotherapist Suzie Morrell said this was unusual, considering women tended to be more financially savvy these days.

"If you look at the olden days, [couples] struggled financially for years but always worked together."

These days women were more financially independent, and knew about housing and the cost of living, making the findings of the survey surprising, Morrell said.

"It's a bit of a sad reflection on our society, saying I'm only going to go for someone who's making good money," she said.

The findings might be explained by the fact that it was completed by people looking for love on a dating website, where the dynamic was different from meeting somebody in an everyday setting, she said. "[People on dating websites] are putting up straight away ‘well I'm looking for this sort of guy, they've got to be financially secure'."

Blenheim man Corey Walker said having two incomes in a relationship was vital for it to survive, particularly if they had children.

"We go 50-50, without my half it just wouldn't work, it will fail, collapse . . . without that my son wouldn't be able to have shoes on his feet," he said.

While the amount earned was not important, it was important that both people in the relationship were contributing, Walker said.

Morrell said financial troubles were generally low on the list of problems for couples she dealt with.

"By the time people come to me money would not be the main concern, the main concern is that they are not communicating, they are not connecting anymore."

The Marlborough Express