Family brings snow to Blenheim

21:10, Aug 18 2014
snowman in Blenheim
CHILL FACTOR: Coolness: Niko Moore, 6 months, left, plays with a snowman in Blenheim, as Makenzie Le Brun, 18 months, right, and mum Alice Le Brun look on.

A snowman standing by the side of the road in sunny Blenheim yesterday had motorists double checking in their rear view mirrors.

The snowman was the creation of two Blenheim families who went for a drive to Black Birch in the Awatere Valley on Sunday and came back with a ute full of snow.

Blenheim couple Aimee and Tristan Moore took their 6-month-old baby, Niko, on his first snow adventure, along with friends Alice and Adam Le Brun, and their two children, William, 2, and Makenzie, 18 months.

Aimee Moore said there wasn't a huge amount of snow, but there was enough to fill the back of the ute.

"It hasn't snowed properly in Blenheim since June two years ago, so we thought we'd bring some in," she said.

It took about 30 minutes for the two families to build the snowman outside the Moore's home on Alabama Rd.


Alice Le Brun said it was the first time her children had seen snow. "We wanted to see the kids having fun," she said.

But disaster struck when the Moore family went out for a few hours on Sunday night and came home to find the head of the snowman had been knocked off.

Despite being headless, the snowman survived the night.

"Lots of people are commenting about it, cars are pulling up and kids jump out and touch it," she said.

For their next snow adventure, they planned to tow a trailer up the valley, filling it with snow, and building an ice castle or an igloo, she said.

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