Top of the props

21:10, Aug 19 2014
Blenheim’s new theatre
METAL MADNESS: About 6000 metres of scaffolding is being used to construct Blenheim’s new theatre on Hutcheson St.

The ASB Civic Theatre project in Blenheim resembles an elaborate jungle gym, with about 6000 linear metres of scaffolding erected at the site.

Scaffold Marlborough owner Lyndon Robinson said staff used plans for the building on Hutcheson St to work out the weight of the concrete flooring the scaffolding needed to hold.

Each metal prop could take only so much weight, he said. "If there's 20 tonnes we're holding up, we'd need a minimum of 20 props."

There were more than 200 props ranging in height from 8m to 12m. More would be erected as the building reached 22m, he said.

Scaffolding staff had been working on site for the past five months. Workers stood on platforms, positioned every 2m, to pass more equipment up to the next level. When the building reached 20m, a machine would be used to lift the equipment to the top, Robinson said.

Scaffold Marlborough previously worked on the construction of the Blenheim post office, which was also 20m tall. The latest project is due for completion by mid-2015.


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