Couple agree to clear away wrecks

12:49, Aug 20 2014
Schonbergers’ Seddon property
EYESORE: The Schonbergers’ Seddon property in February. The couple have agreed with the Marlborough District Council that theyt will clear their property of vehicle parts within four months.

A Seddon couple have settled their case with the Marlborough District Council and will remove vehicle parts from their property within four months.

The council had gone to the Environment Court for enforcement orders against Cyril and Vanessa Schonberger, who had not cleared the property by April as originally ruled by the court in January.

However, before the case was to be heard by Environment Court judge John Hassan yesterday morning, their lawyer Tony Bam ford said the family and the council had reached an agreement.

He and council lawyer Miriam Radich would make submissions to the judge by Friday and he would make an order to implement the agreement after that.

The agreement would require the Schonbergers to finish clearing their property of the old cars, trucks, and vehicle parts, except for some vehicles which would be allowed in a restricted area.

They must also stop running any commercial wrecking business from the property.


They would be able to do some private restoration of vehicles in a constrained area.

The clean-up would be completed within four months, the Schonbergers would report to the council with photographs to show the work had been done, and the council could inspect the property at a time arranged by the Schonbergers.

The judge congratulated the parties on reaching an agreement.

He emphasised to the Schonber gers the need to obey the order. If they did not, that could be a criminal offence with criminal pros ecutions arising from it, he said.

"Having made that point, it is also pleasing to see the progress that has been made with the assistance of counsel to this point."

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