Judge corrects naming error

21:26, Sep 01 2014

Environment Court judge Jon Jackson has apologised to a Marlborough Sounds marine farm owner for quoting him in a judgement on a case he wasn't part of.

Jackson published an erratum, a correction, to the judgement to say he had "a brainfade" in referring to Rob Davidson making comments during the case.

The judgement allowed an appeal by the Pelorus Wildlife Sanctuaries, James Buchanan, and Hori Elkington against a Marlborough District Council decision to allow KPF Investments to change its mussel farm at Danger Point into a salmon farm.

In his correction, Jackson said Davidson's lawyer had contacted the court after the KPF Investments decision was published in July.

"First, I apologise to Mr Davidson for referring to him in the decision, especially since he was not involved in this particular hearing at all. It appears the correct reference in the decision should be to Nigel Keeley and I had a brainfade in referring to Mr Davidson."

Jackson said giving the wrong name, once, to a witness was an accidental slip, so he used the court's power under the Resource Management Act and the District Court rules to correct the error.

"I record that the remainder of the decision is unchanged."

KPF Investments, owned by Christchurch-based United Fisheries, had applied to change its Danger Point mussel farm, in the outer Pelorus Sound, to a salmon farm. The application was granted by the council, but stopped by the Environment Court. The company was unable to be contacted yesterday.


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