Injured woman over moon to hear copter

01:48, Sep 04 2014
Springlands Tavern
IN GOOD HANDS: Rarangi resident Bev Doole is taken by stretcher to the waiting Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter near Nydia Bay

A Rarangi woman has high praise for the emergency services and medical staff who helped her after she broke her wrist in the Marlborough Sounds.

Freelance writer Bev Doole said the thumping of the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter flying overhead was one of the best sounds she had ever heard as she sat in severe pain in a cove near Nydia Bay on Sunday morning.

She had been out kayaking with a group of friends and had gone ashore to have a look at a nearby Department of Conservation lodge when she slipped on some rocks and broke her wrist in two places.

"Luckily my friends are very experienced. One of them had been with search and rescue, so they knew what to do. Two paddled back to the lodge where we were staying and two stayed with me," Doole said.

Within around 20 minutes of the alarm being sounded the helicopter arrived and winched paramedic Carlton Irving down while the pilot searched for a place to land, she said.

"It was amazing how quickly they arrived. I was so happy to hear the thumping of the helicopter rotors because the shock was wearing off and the pain was become really bad."


She was assessed by Irving, given pain killers and taken by helicopter to Wairau Hospital about noon. The flight took just 10 minutes, she said.

"The crew were fantastic. They were so professional but also very jolly and full of good humour, which helped."

Access to the area is difficult and without helicopter assistance Doole would have had to endure a journey on foot or by boat before reaching a road.

"The pain was pretty excruciating and we had no pain killers so I don't know how I would have managed that," Doole said. She was also full of praise for the medical staff who attended to her at hospital. "The [Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter] service is such a great one to have and we are very lucky to have it. I would recommend to anyone to make a donation, my friends and I definitely are."

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