Pet goat shot dead

A pet goat is dead after being shot twice in a driveway facing the main street of Havelock while its owners were away.

Senior Constable Andrew Wilson said the goat was tethered to an apple tree up a driveway about six metres from the highway on the Blenheim side of Havelock.

The goat's owners had been away overnight and returned about 2pm yesterday to find it dead. Mr Wilson believed the goat was shot in daylight on Sunday morning. It had two wounds in its abdomen from either a .22 calibre firearm or a high-powered air rifle, he said.

"It's cowardly and a deplorable act it's a shocker," Mr Wilson said.

The five-month-old goat had been a children's pet and was hand-reared.

That someone had discharged a firearm in a built-up area was a major concern, Mr Wilson said.

Anyone with information should call 574 2011.


The Marlborough Express