No action on widely sprayed bank

23:08, Nov 16 2010

The Marlborough District Council is not taking any action against an overzealous landowner who sprayed more grass on a stopbank than agreed.

District council rivers and drainage engineer Brin Williman said the landowner had resource consent to spray as part of a larger plan to move the stopbank near the O'Dwyer's and Thompson's Ford Road Bridge slightly.

The council and the landowner agreed on what could be planted in the area, including flax, which Mr Williman said would be just as good, or better, in the long term than grass.

"The manner in which he [the landowner] has prepared the ground by spraying a large section to kill all the grass, we're not happy with and are disappointed," he said. It is understood the work was done several weeks ago to plant shrubs.

The council will ask the landowner to resow grass where other plants have not been planted, he said.

The Marlborough Express received a letter from Blenheim man Keith Adams, who lives close to the stopbank and said he was "astonished" after seeing the bare bank and questioning why the spraying had been done in the first place.

Mr Williman said rock under some of the ground would limit any erosion, but understood Mr Adams' concerns.


The Marlborough Express