Capri fans enjoy summer rally

03:00, Feb 07 2012
Capri club
Drive through: Capri Car Club president Lindsay Lyons, left, and Marlborough representative John Baker with Lindsay's car at the Argosy Cafe yesterday during their summer rally.

The annual Ford Capri Car Club summer rally attracted fans of the classic cars to Marlborough from around the country at the weekend.

More than 20 Capri owners turned up for the family event, which was being held in the South Island for the first time.

Club members attended the Omaka Wings and Wheels Day on Saturday before taking a tour along Queen Charlotte Drive on Sunday.

Ford Capri Car Club Marlborough representative John Baker explained his love for the Ford Capri.

"There is no other car like them," he said. "They have their own shape. I like vintage cars anyway, but I wanted something that would do 100kmh and was practical to drive. I didn't want something that would sit in the garage all year."

Mr Baker drives his 1970 Mark 1 Ford Capri nearly every day, he said.


Club members also had their knowledge of cars put to the test at the weekend.

"We visited a car restoration shop in Renwick where the owner had all these car grilles on the wall and we had to guess what vehicle they were from," Mr Baker said.

The winner bagged himself a new can of car polish.

Ford Capri Car Club president Lindsay Lyons said he was happy with the turnout. He explained the reasons for having the club rally in the South Island.

"We celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Ford Capri a couple of years ago by driving from Bluff to Cape Reinga and we had such a great time in the South Island we thought we had to come back. The southern hospitality was absolutely fantastic.

"People were still talking about it so we thought, `right we have to go back again'."

The Ford Capri was England's answer to the American Mustang, he said. "They wanted a car that was affordable but still looked sporty. Then they started racing the Capri so people are also attracted to its sporting heritage. But it is a lovely car to drive. The latest Mark 3 model is as good as any modern car."

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