Wino's is all a matter of good taste

18:25, Feb 08 2012
Wine lovers: Wino's owners David Clouston, left, and Clive MacFarlane are confident their liquor store selling beer, wine and spirits will hit the right spot for many in Marlborough.

The owners of a new specialty liquor store on Grove Rd in Blenheim hope no-one takes offence at the name Wino's, because they named it after themselves.

Marlborough businessmen and confessed "winos" Clive MacFarlane and David Clouston said the project has moved quickly from the idea stage six months ago, and they plan to open tomorrow.

Mr Clouston is a winemaker for his own label Two Rivers Wine and said Marlborough, a premier wine region, needed a fine wine store.

"I love wine and feel that we are so limited in our choices here in Blenheim; I got sick of ordering wine out of Auckland," he said.

Their focus will be on fine wines, whiskies and boutique beers and three or four friendly staff who are knowledgeable about the products.

"We plan to champion high-end wines, Marlborough craft beers and top-shelf spirits from overseas.


We wanted to do something a little bit different, and promote local products, so we'll have No 8 Wired and Renaissance beers on tap; people can come in and fill their own bottles."

Mr MacFarlane's family own The Store in Kekerengu, which he has been running for the past eight years. Wino's is all about convenience, with its location, two exit points, and without the long queues, he said.

"Quite often people don't want the hassle of going into town, or parking, or waiting in a queue, particularly if they are stocking up before heading out to the Sounds with a boat on the back, or catching the ferry."

Mr Clouston said they hired four staff, but had received about 70 applications after they advertised on Trade Me.

"It was really difficult finding good people, but we're pretty confident in our staff: most of them have experience in the wine or beer brewing industry in Marlborough and overseas."

Mr Clouston said he and Mr MacFarlane are excited to be starting an enterprise support-ing Marlborough people and products.

The Marlborough Express