Fibre's coming ultra-fast

19:05, Apr 02 2012
Ultrafast Broadband Rollout: Drill team supervisor Darren Bradley (left) assists MP Colin King to operate a horizontal drilling machine.

Telecommunications network operator Chorus says the first phase of the ultra-fast broadband rollout in Blenheim is on schedule to be completed by the end of June.

Chorus external media manager Robin Kelly said the first 12 months of the network upgrade had focused on central Blenheim and Springlands.

The second year of the project, from July to June 2013, will deploy fibre cables to the rest of Springlands and parts of Mayfield and Burleigh.

"We are still working on year one of the project and remain committed to completing this in a 12 month period," he said. "We're humming along building the new ultra-fast broadband network in the Maxwell Rd area. Over the next few weeks, we'll begin work in Houldsworth St and work south to Muller Rd and east to Redwood St."

Work will also be carried out south of Old Renwick Rd, he said.

"We will be deploying fibre along Murphys Rd to the racecourse including Nottinghill Dr and part of Colemans Rd and associated side streets."


The massive upgrade project was deploying fibre past thousands of homes and businesses across Blenheim, Mr Kelly said.

Fibre-based services would be available to residents within the first phase rollout after June, he said. "Residents need to contact their retail service providers and we will come and connect them."

Homes had to be physically connected to the ultra-fast broadband cables running past the property, Mr Kelly said.

There would be no connection cost for most people, he said.

"It depends what services they want from their provider."

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