Baby Sister's a Plunket birthday kid

04:18, May 16 2012
Plunket baby: Kimberley-Jayne Bugler bonds with her newborn in Wairau Hospital's maternity ward, the hospital's first arrival who shared the 105th anniversary of Plunket

Baby Sister is the ultimate Plunket baby - born in Wairau Hospital on the 105th anniversary of the founding of the health service.

Kimberley-Jayne Bugler gave birth to her second child on Monday, the first of three Blenheim babies to be born on the Plunket birthday.

Weighing in at 2.97kg, "Baby Sister" was born at 5.12pm. "She hasn't got a name yet, but that's what her brother Dawson calls her," Ms Bugler said.

Midwife Emma Barnett said staff had been wondering which mum would be the first to give birth as three babies were delivered within a fairly short space of time: at 5.12pm, 6.58pm, and about 8pm.

Like four-year-old brother Dawson, Baby Sister would be a Plunket baby, Ms Bugler said.

Plunket had been an invaluable source of information and support. "And they know lots more about babies than I do," she laughed. Plunket playgroups were also a good opportunity to meet other mums and form a support network. Plunket had given Ms Bugler a basket of goodies to take home for her newborn.


Plunket chief executive officer Jenny Prince said that from its small beginnings, Plunket was now the largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of New Zealand children.

"Plunket is as much a part of our culture as the haka and pavlova."

Nine out of 10 New Zealand babies were "Plunket babies".

Plunket was founded in 1907 in Dunedin by Sir Frederic Truby King and became a vital support for Kiwi mothers and babies.

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