Masters tests love of study

19:15, May 23 2012
Paul Gibson
Hard yakka rewarded: Gascoigne Wicks partner Paul Gibson with the certificate marking his Masters of Law degree from the University of London

Gascoigne Wicks partner Paul Gibson says he likes the academic aspect of his commercial law specialty, but he really tested that by completing a masters in law degree by correspondence while still working fulltime as a lawyer.

Mr Gibson graduated with his masters of law degree, specialising in corporate and commercial law, from Queen Mary College at the University of London earlier this month.

He completed the course over three years.

"I did work fulltime right through the programme. I developed a routine for myself in the evenings and the weekends. I was pretty committed, committed to the routine I set myself. I can smile about it now but there was a bit of bullet-biting in the middle to get through.

"I'm really pleased now to have finished and proud to have achieved the qualification."

Mr Gibson said he had always enjoyed study. At the same time as he was studying for his masters, his two daughters were studying for their senior school exams.


"The whole household was in study mode."

Achieving the extra qualification was prompted by a desire to provide a top level service to clients.

"Marlborough is a really interesting place. A lot of interesting things go on here," Mr Gibson said. "I think we have a great bunch of clients here and a good number of them you'd say are at the forefront of their industries.

"Wine is obviously the premium part of the trade. Mussels and salmon farms, we're world leaders again. There is also our high country and dry country farmers, all sorts of interesting things go on because of the land here.

"There is pressure on their professional advisers to keep up and provide them with the best possible advice in their commercial activities."

He said going to his graduation ceremony in London was "a terrific day".

"The real thrill on the day, each of us was presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Anne. She is chancellor of the college. I made sure to bid her compliments from New Zealand."

He also visited a number of legal and historical sites in London - including a bar on Fleet Street, El Vino. Opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, it is described by Lonely Planet as "a venerable institution that plays host to barristers, solicitors and other legal types". It featured as Pommeroy's, the wine bar where Rumpole of the Bailey drank in the television series.

"I made damn sure to go have a drink at Pommeroy's."

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