Arrests over alleged shoplifting

20:02, May 23 2012

Two women were arrested yesterday morning for shoplifting and using a document at the Warehouse, in Blenheim, police say.

The pair, aged 32 and 18, both unemployed, bought $205 worth of household items. They then came back to the store and allegedly stole the identical items, Constable Michelle Stagg, of Blenheim, said.

They returned a short time later with the stolen items, and used the receipt from the items they had purchased earlier to try to get a cash refund of $205.

The Warehouse Blenheim store manager, Ian Daubney, said the women were on the security camera the whole time.

"We knew they had stolen the items, and then they came back for a refund, which was when they were arrested," Mr Daubney said.

The pair were held in custody awaiting their Blenheim District Court appearance yesterday morning.


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