Wastewater and roads in spotlight

23:30, May 28 2012

Requests for funding as well as concerns about freshwater supply, wastewater disposal, and roading will take centre stage at the Marlborough District Council later this week.

The council received 200 submissions on its draft long-term plan, and of those, 64 submitters have asked to be heard. The hearings will be heard by the full council over two days this week, beginning at 8.45am tomorrow and Thursday at the council chambers in Seymour St.

The meetings are open to the public.

The hottest issue is Picton residents upset at a rating boundary change which will see them paying significantly more in rates, and several submissions from townships around Marlborough urging the council to defer spending on new freshwater treatment plants because the communities could not afford them.

Heritage groups, rescue helicopter operators, and Age Concern have all asked the council for funding.

Kono Seafoods, Pernod Ricard, Indevin and Giesen have submitted in opposition to the council's proposed changes for trade wastewater disposal, which is likely to see them pay more.

Others would like to see extra spending on footpaths in Blenheim and Picton to see improved safety for pedestrians.

There have also been submissions calling for a roundabout to be built at the problem intersection between Battys Rd, Middle Renwick Rd, and Murphys Rd.


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