Extra car parks only if ferries stay

The solution to Picton's peak-time parking problems may depend on the outcome of the Clifford Bay proposal.

The Traffic Design Group has supplied the Marlborough District Council with recommendations on how to cope with a growing need for parking in the port town over the busy holiday period, based on a survey carried out last summer.

The group believed Picton would need 100 extra car parks installed over the next five to 10 years to deal with rising demand if the relocation of the ferry terminal from Picton to Clifford Bay did not proceed.

No change would be required if the ferry terminal was moved out of town.

The recommendations were presented by a council representative at a Picton forum meeting, similar to those held by residents association groups, last Monday.

Marlborough District Council support services manager Dean Heiford said the groups believed Picton had plenty of parking, which was strained only during brief peak summer periods.

"There's plenty of parking for the normal demand."

The design group's recommendations typified the negative affect on visitor numbers in the short-term if the ferry terminal was lost to Clifford Bay.

"It is hard to plan when that's hanging over everyone's head," Mr Heiford said.

The council could choose to continue the parking enforcement regime using parking wardens and would consider shorter time-stays for parks at the bottom end of the town during summer to help increase visitor turnover, Mr Heiford said.

Parking meters or pay-and-display monitors for high-usage areas, such as at the bottom of Wellington St, may also be used to increase car parking availability.

The recommendations will be put before a council assets and services committee in August which will give the council more time to get a clearer understanding of what the government's plan was for the ferry terminal.

The Marlborough Express